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Jessie Mueller Beautiful Vacation Dates

As per Telecharge.com, Jessie will not be performing in Beautiful on the following dates:

Just a quick heads up for those hoping to see her! 

Andrew Mueller attempts to wish you all a belated Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

Abby Mueller attends the 1st Annual Broadway Understudies Party and poses with Kendal Hartse of Cinderella and fellow Kinky Boots castmates Anna EilinsfeldLauren Chapman, and Adinah Alexander

(Photos courtesy Broadway Understudies)

Jessie and her father Roger Mueller were interviewed by the Windy City Times and dished details on Tony night and what Roger made sure was in his contract for Brigadoon!

"My folks were there, with my boyfriend, up front. But my sister and best friend were also there, just farther back," said Mueller, happy at the fact that the agent to her father, Roger Mueller, specifically wrote a clause into his Goodman Theatre contract allowing him to skip a day of Brigadoon rehearsals and attend the Tony Awards if his daughter was nominated for Beautiful. "When I mentioned Abby’s name (my sister) she screamed! It was awesome. I could hear it all the way on the stage. I think my family and I are still a bit in shock. I remember it happening and fully experienced it but at times it feels like that was another person."

"Just seeing what’s she’s doing in Beautiful, it’s different from her," said Roger Mueller about his daughter’s performance in Beautiful, adding that he was speaking as a fellow actor rather than an admiring parent. "The way she puts the voice is very different than her normal sweet spot of voice. The way she’s crafted it, I’m still not sure how she’s created that sound. It’s just enough of Carole King to give you the impression, but she’s still able to sing with her voice coming through."


Matt Mueller and the cast of Contrived Ending recreate the iconic poster for The Breakfast Club.

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